Free To Live: Illustrated Poem

On the 5th March Dan Jones continued our 'Free to Live' series. 

He read out His excellently written and illustrated poem called 'Children of God'. Listen here to Dan perform it along with the illustrated images. Well worth 6 minutes of your time.


The poem is based on Galatians 3:26-4:7 and speaks of slaves, sons and heirs. How trying to live a good life outside of God is like slavery – yet through faith in Jesus we receive a perfect standing before God as our inheritance. We inherit all the promises of God to his people – promises to bless us, to do us good, to provide for our needs and give us security, to give us his Spirit and even eternal life.

But on their own those things are not enough – if we give our lives to Jesus, then God also calls us his sons and daughters, children of God. This is nothing we could ever earn, yet it’s our identity if we’ve put our faith in Jesus. Jesus said that eternal life is not just a matter of living forever, but knowing and being known by the Father (John 17:3)

Listen to his talk and others from the Free to Live Series here 

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