Overwhelmed into inaction?


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that recently there has been an overwhelming amount of humanitarian crisis throughout the world.

Whether the 500,000+ people fleeing for their lives in Myanmar, or the devastation caused by hurricanes Irma and Maria, or the 5.1 million people who have fled Syria’s civil war as refugees; or the recent earthquake in Mexico; and we could, sadly, go on and on.

With so many humanitarian disasters in the world, we could become overwhelmed into inaction. Where do we start? Where do we give? Who do we help first? Does my small giving really make a difference?

I once read that Mother Teresa was asked in an interview if she really believed what she was doing was having any real effect; wasn’t it simply “a drop in a very large ocean?” Her reply was short and simple, “The ocean is made up of many drops.” In a world full of suffering we may feel like our small contribution is barely making a difference; but we need to remember what might seem small to us, makes all the difference in the world, to the person who is suffering.

And so we refuse to be overwhelmed into inaction.

One of the global disasters that has dropped from our news screens is the famine in East Africa. 

"Hunger on a massive scale is looming across East Africa. Drought and conflict have left 19 million people in urgent need of food, water and medical treatment. People are already dying in South Sudan and Somalia. In Kenya and Ethiopia, water shortages caused by drought are severe and likely to worsen” (Source: DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal)

Keira Knightley explains more here:

Edward recently tweeted these:

This is the situation that our dear friends Edward and Freda are working within, to alleviate the suffering and bring relief to 100’s of families affected by the famine. Whilst we are working alongside Edward and his teams to bring long term solutions, there is still a need for short term relief. We may not be able to help 19 million people, but we can help some. We can make our contribution and make all the difference in the world to those who receive the help we are able to give.

Because of the generous giving of the people of King’s we are able to keep aside what we call a ‘war-chest’ of £5000 which we use for emergency situations, such as this ongoing famine relief. We will be sending out money from this fund in the next few weeks and if you would like to contribute please could you use your online banking with the following details:

  • Sort Code: 20-62-53
  • Account Number: 10673439
  • Reference: Kenya [your surname]

If you want to give but are unable to use online banking there are other ways to give at King’s, click http://kingsnorwich.com/giving/ for more info and mark the giving with the reference ‘Kenya Buria’.

Thank you,

Toby Skipper

P.S. Kenya is not just facing famine but also a second round of elections due to the first being nullified earlier this year. On October 17th, people will turn out to vote again; please pray for peaceful elections as violence can easily erupt during this volatile time.

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