Gift Days Impact - Kenya


Part of the money from our gift days this year will be funding 12 months education for young people in Kenya.

We will be funding the majority of the fees for 200 young people through linking with the Community Empowerment Programme (CEP) run by our good friends Edward and Fridah Buria in Kenya. All children and youths assisted by CEP are orphans and the most vulnerable children who come from very poor backgrounds. One of the people we'll be helping is Karen Murugi. Read her story below:

Karen's Story

Karen Murugi

Karen is a total orphan and was left under the care of her old, crippled grandfather when her parents died. She almost lost hope of achieving her dream of becoming a Doctor because her grandfather could not afford paying her school fees alongside meeting other basic needs. CEP took her on board in 2015 and her dream of becoming a Doctor were rekindled. Unfortunately, the following year her grandfather died leaving her in the hands of well-wishers and a far-off relative. According to Karen, CEP is the only bridge connecting her with her destiny and she is so determined to see her dream come true.  Next year she is joining Form 4 which is the final year in her secondary level.

Elias' Story

Elias Mureti is a total orphaned boy who came to us in 2015 aged 9 years then,  comes from a very poor and large family with 9 older siblings.  He and his siblings were left in the care of their aged grandmother. He was  very good academically but he had lost hope of going on with his studies because of the level of poverty in his family, followed by the death of his both parents. He  remained out of school due to lack of school fees and other school requirements i.e. books, uniforms, stationery etc. CEP took him on board and he is now settled in school and continuing with his learning uninterrupted. He is in Primary level and joining class 5 next year.

These young people are able to continue with their education and remain in school uninterrupted. 

The positive impact made by CEP through the provision of sponsored education, is that these young people are able to continue with their education and remain in school uninterrupted.  This has rekindled their hope of going to school as well as reduce the burden on guardians/parents. Nothing can compare with giving hope back to someone, which is something CEP has been able to help with in these situations.

There is hope of children completing their education, achieving their dreams and becoming a source of help to their families and community.

To find out more about the 2017 Gift Days and how you can get involved. Click here.

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