5 family prayer ideas for half-term


This week is a half-term holiday (yippee!). So why not use this time to have some fun together trying out new ways to praise God and put before Him some of the things on your heart.

1. Make a prayer den

Be it a cupboard under the stairs, a tree in the garden or under a clothes horse covered in sheets, making dens is such a fun activity. Dens also make great places to pray. Decide on the space with your kids, then help them to decorate and make it a comfortable, fun place to be. Encourage them to spend some time in there chatting to Jesus about whatever is on their minds. 

2. Prayer walks

Go for a walk around your neighbourhood thanking God for things and praying for areas where you want to see Him move. Plan your route to focus on key locations; schools, community centres, friends' houses, etc. If you're feeling bold enough you could stop in some key places and pray together. If not, you can discuss some of the things you prayed about when you get home.

3. Alphabet prayers

Got a long journey this half-term? You could play alphabet prayers while you go: Take it in turns to prayer for a person, place or situation beginning with that letter of the alphabet. For example, Dad gets 'a' and prays for Andy from work, Joe gets 'b' and prays for kids affected by bullying at his school, etc. You could also play a version where you thank God for something for every letter of the alphabet.

4. Prayer art attack

Get a huge bit of paper that you can all get round (a flattened out cardboard box or the back of a roll of wallpaper or lining paper would work) and make a collage of things of praise and petition (things you want to thank God for and ask Him for). You can use all sorts of creative materials; paint, chalk, glitter, stickers, etc. Make sure everyone has some input and find somewhere to keep it where you can look back at the things you asked God for and see how he answered your prayers.

5. Make a blessings jar

Get a used tub, jar or basket (or buy a cheap Kilner jar if you're feeling posh) and decorate it with stickers. Put it in a place everyone can access with some small pieces of paper and pens. Write things God has blessed you with on the paper and put them in the jar. You could do this once a week or every day. When you have something you're asking God for, look back through the jar to raise your faith levels.

These ideas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creative prayer ideas. There are loads more out there. One of my favourite places to look for inspiration is http://flamecreativekids.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 


Emma Hughes

Blog 6Kings Norwich