Collective Design at King's: Pride


We're back with another of Tim Cottrell's wonderful designs!

Tim's work covers a range of themes and each design always has thought-provoking content. This piece is based on a tweet by Timothy Keller, an American pastor and theologian.

Keller is well known for his books on Christian apologetics and Christian living. Some notable titles include 'The Reason for God', 'Generous Justice' and 'Counterfeit Gods'. 

This is what Tim has to say about the reasoning behind the poster:

I first heard this Tim Keller quote when it was used in a preach at King’s some time ago. I find it to be a really helpful reminder that everything I have comes from God. For the poster I wanted to play-up the contrast between the emptiness of pride and the beauty of gratitude. I designed the letters for the word ‘PRIDE’ to be as bloated and puffed-up as possible, without any actual substance. I drew ‘gift’ by hand to be something of a signature: extravagant and written in royal, beautiful gold.


If you like Tim's work, you can view more projects on his website.

'The Collective' is a group of people at King's who cover a range of creative disciplines. The group's aim is to grow in what they create, but also as followers of Jesus.  Find out more here

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