Surely there is no evidence for God, is there?

We often think that Science has done away with Faith.

Surely we've outgrown any need for faith. Surely there is no evidence for a creator or a God or someone that might want to know us.

Isn't 'God dead'?

Well maybe there are things around us that point us to God. Things that might make us think that it's not all about us. Why not take 3 short minutes to watch this video and find out what some of those things may be: 

Here is the full transcript:

Well, we have been trying to figure out where is truth and where's it come from? Where is this thing that is greater than me? Darwin himself, when he was beginning that whole process of coming up with a theory that explains how we're here, acknowledged if you take something just as simple as the human eye, which is even more complex than he could understand from his, uh, view of 150 years ago, he even acknowledged then that to say that something as complex as the human eye with its rods, its cones, and its muscles and its tendons and the way that it works to create what we know as sight— to say that that came through the processes that I suggested in this little book is absurd to the highest degree. So I think a guy like Darwin who was obviously a man who was well learned, he even acknowledged, you know, "this idea that I've got, there's a lot of holes in it." Let's just have this conversation. You and I are walking through the woods— and maybe you've even heard this— and we're stumbling through the twigs, we're stumbling through the leaves and all of the sudden, one of us kicks something with our foot and it catches a a burst of sunshine that's making its way through the leaves and it grabs both of our eyes, and we lean over and we grab it and we pick it up, and what we see there is this beautiful gold instrument with crystal on the top of it and this smooth, sweeping hand moving around the inside of it. And there's little numbers in there from 1 to 12. Neither one of us would look at that and go, "Can you believe that? Look what's happened! Who knows how long this has taken? That through these, you know, the trees shedding its leaves and through the twigs and through the mud and through the animals that have come and died and defecated here. I don't know. Look at the amazing thing that it's produced!" No, that's not at all what would cross our mind. The very first thing that would cross our mind is that somebody has been here before. Somebody, maybe in that case if it had, like, letters like R-O-L-E-X on it, had some wealth to them. But if nothing else, somebody of intelligence, somebody who could design and create something that natural processes wouldn't produce. And as much as we would be sure of that finding something as simple as a Rolex watch, I look all around me, I see things that are much, much more complex. I believe in God because I see evidence for him everywhere in creation. Whenever I see design and order and beauty, I know that this didn't happen by chance. And there's a lot of design and order and beauty. And I think that's evidence that we have a common creator, and I believe that creator is God.

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