Student Stories

Welcome Freshers!

Rather than bombarding you with a load of details about who we are and what we do for students (you can find that information here if you're interested) we thought you might like to hear from some of our students about what they love about King's.

So here goes...


Issy Bennett

"King's Church is the absolute dream for anyone who wants a lively, friendly, family orientated church. I have loved being part of this community while being at uni as it allows me to connect with the outside world whether it be in the main meetings, life group, kids work or King's Care. It's full of awesome people worshipping an incredible God together, overall it's an absolute delight!"

Tom Faulkner

"King's is a fantastic church to be a part of. It has allowed me to grow in leadership and my relationship with God through serving within Life Group, helping with the football team or just having a meal with another family in the church. There are so many opportunities and lovely people all who want to build up and encourage you as well as point you to Jesus and help you to learn more about Him and His unfailing love."

Philippa Strachan

"Being a student at King's is great because you can really get stuck into church life and serving in different ways, including kids work, King's Care and many other things! Life group is also fantastic and is a great way to spend time and encourage one another in our walk with Jesus."

Robin Emmanuel

"What I love about Kings is how huge and driverse it is, but at the same time everything they (we) do, services, small groups etc all have a real unity and authenticity."
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