King's Leader's Celebration

King's is a family and we love to be family together. It's great to take every opportunity to gather together, to catch up, to laugh and to enjoy each other's company. 

The King's Leader's Celebration was just such a gathering. In July we gathered all of our leader's to not only say a massive thank you but also to celebrate what God is graciously doing through us at the moment. With friendship, food and fun being the focus we took time to share stories of lives changed, hope given, and love extended.

We were also incredibly grateful to be joined by Daniel Goodman and Alexis Ogborn from City Church Cambridge who encouraged us to lead with Jesus at the centre. This was accompanied by a whole host of practical advice to put into practice as we aim to lead people better.

And finally we took the opportunity to pray for those new leaders who have come through our Leadership Foundations course. It's great to see so many people stepping up and leading in so many areas of King's.

Enjoy the short highlights video from the evening:

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