Leadership Foundations

“This course came at a critical point in my life and was instrumental in turning everything upside down through looking at leading our lives more effectively.  This was a real eye opener and has helped me introduce several changes that are still works in progress.”

What is it?

A 6 session course that equips leaders with foundational leadership principles and practical advice. It will help you grow & be sharpened in your leadership gift as well as help  you multiply and bring through more leaders.

Romans 12:8 If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who is leading or starting to lead at King’s:

• Must be a church member

• Must be recommended by an existing leader

• Must commit to coming to all the sessions

• Must be willing to be mentored by another leader

• Must commit to reading one leadership book in the year

When is it?

Week 1: King’s Leaders lead through learning – 4th October 2016

Week 2: King’s Leaders lead themselves – 29th November 2016

Week 3: King’s Leaders lead by empowering others – 17th January 2017

Week 4: King’s Leaders lead with a limp – 21st February 2017

Week 5: King’s Leaders lead with love – 14th March 2017

Week 6: King’s Leaders lead by example – 18th April 2017

To sign up or recommend someone to do it

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Comments from leaders who have previously done the course

“The opportunity to understand how Leadership at Kings works and to discover where God wants us to serve within this.  It has been a positive experience for us during the last three years to see healthy team ministry in action.  Thank you.”
“Reading the D L Moody book was a great encouragement and back up to the sessions.”
“Going through the different passages in the bible and interacting and debating it with other people around the table.”
“Learning from and hearing other people’s experiences and journeys of Leadership and personal growth.  Encouragement to persevere and provocation to grow.”