A good book is like a good tour guide

A good book is like a good tour guide

I once watched a TV program that was taking people on a tour of a local cathedral and to my surprise found it fascinating. It made me want to go and explore it for myself, and then the penny dropped, it was Norwich Cathedral a place I had visited on many occasions. (Yes, I can be pretty daft at times.)

So what made me so fascinated? Simple, it was the help of a good tour guide. 

A good tour guide...

  • Helps us to pause, look more deeply and learn
  • Points out things we might have otherwise missed
  • Gives us a different perspective on something we might have seen many times.
  • Encourages us to delve beneath the surface of our understanding
  • Helps grow our interest, fascination and wonder 

A good book is like a good tour guide. 

So here's a few 'tour guide' recommendations off the back of our preaching series 'Church; on our knees and on our feet'.

  • A Praying Life; connecting with God in a distracting world by Paul E. Miller. A brilliant, practical, helpful and insightful read. One of the best books on prayer I've ever read, he's an excellent tour guide! Buy here
  • Just Walk Across the room; simple steps pointing people to Faith by Bill Hybels. We want everyone-a-witness at King's. This book will take the pressure off and help bring the passion on to step out and tell others about Jesus. Buy here
  • Relational Mission; a way of life by Mike Betts. Short, simple and easy to read, but packs a punch, full of personal stories and will help give you a deeper understanding of who we are, what we're here for and where we're heading as a family of churches. 

So grab a good tour guide and have a good summer.

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