HUNTED: A wide game for grown ups

What is HUNTED?

On Friday 30th September, King's City Centre are hosting a men's social event called: ‘HUNTED: A Wide Game for Grown Ups’.

The aim of the game will be to navigate a walk of approximately 6 miles, whilst our hunters try to track you down. Time penalties will be issued for each time a team is caught, or for causing damage to your cargo (more details to follow).

The winning team will be the team to complete the course in the shortest time after all time penalties have been issued. We will be ending up in a pub, and will enjoy a drink and prize giving afterwards.

How do the teams work?

Teams of between 5 and 8 men can enter, and everyone is welcome, however team captains must be over 18 and a member of Kings. We would encourage work teams to take part as well as groups of friends. Note that you do not need to finalise your team members to register a team for the event.

When is the event?

The event will start at 7.30pm from a location in North Norfolk, within 30mins drive of the city, and should end around 11pm. The cost will be £5 per team, but you will be required to bring some specific equipment, such as a map and torch, which will be detailed in the information pack after a booking is made.

How do I sign up?

Sign your team up here by Thursday 22nd September.

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