What's Goff been up to?

Part of our vision at King's is serving not just our city, but further afield, the region and beyond as we play our part in the Relational Mission family of churches.

Personally I spend about half of my time doing that on our behalf, serving on Mike Bett's apostolic team, caring for the churches. This last few months that has taken me to Kingsgate Yarmouth where leadership help and support has been needed since their previous team leader, Ian Savory moved with his wife Sue to pastures new in north Norfolk. So if you haven't seen me around so much on Sundays, that's why!

It's been both exciting and challenging going back into a very 'hands on' situation, getting to know the people and working with their leaders, Simon Head and Tafadzwa Kativu to explore the way forward for this church family in a community where there is lots to do! There's some brilliantly faithful men and women, serving week in and week out to see the church grow and make Jesus known in the community, and it's a great joy to see so many local people coming into their excellent building day after day to attend the Parent & Toddlers groups, the Craft Club, along with the many conference events that are held in the building.

So what about the future? Well we've been having some great times praying together at Kingsgate every Wednesday evening about this and would welcome your prayers too, that God would be with us and lead us forward. In particular for wisdom in expanding the leadership, possibly with someone joining the team from another church, that folk who have drifted away in recent years would find their way back, and that the life and witness of the church family at Kingsgate would impact the wider community for Jesus!

Thank you for your prayers.



Photo by Daniel Wier esq Flickr.com

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