Doing our bit to help those in debt

32.8% of the population of Norwich are over-indebted – which means they find keeping up with bills a heavy burden and many have fallen behind with credit commitments. That makes Norwich 25th worst out of 406 local authority areas in the country (Money Advice Service Indebted Lives Report, 2015). 

We launched King’s Money Advice (KMA) in 2012, and our numbers of new and continuing clients have increased steadily each year since.

We were invited this year by the Baseline Centre in Earlham to support large numbers of their clients. Laura Broomfield, the centre manager, says:

“I have seen first-hand the benefit among my own service users. I regularly advise my staff to refer service users with complex debts to Kings, and they are always prompt and efficient in dealing with my harder to reach clients. Without this service I would struggle to meet the needs of our beneficiaries.”

They reckon that Debt advice is the 2nd most common type of support their clients need, after support in getting the benefits they’re entitled to.

Our clients also tell us that the way we do debt advice is particularly helpful:  “It’s so good to be able to talk to someone about how you feel. Other people just want to talk about finances, and you feel you have to hold it in. Here you can talk about how you feel as well.”

Did you know you could help out without having any specialist training or experience? We’re looking for some people to just come along to meetings with our clients, listen and encourage them. That will help us look after the growing numbers of clients, and keep caring for people as people alongside the technical stuff.

We’re also gathering a group of people to pray for the work, much like the Healing prayer support group.

 If you’re interested in either of these things, or if you know someone who would like some help with debt, please do get in touch with the team at, call FREE on 0800 9709 875, or speak to one of the team in person.