Playing your part in the story

The other evening we ran our Connect course, for people who are new to King's. At the start of the evening we talk about the history of King's and how we ended up where we are today.

One of the themes that comes through every time we do this, are the people in the past. These are the people who played their part in the story of King's; listening to God, being obedient to him, loving others, giving sacrificially and investing their lives so the church could grow and move forward.  On Connect Andy (one of the elders at King's) loves to tell the story of Ethel.

Ethel went to be with Jesus a number of years ago and was a wonderful member of the church family for many years. I remember well her kind smile and encouraging words. One thing Ethel used to do was to save up some of her pension and use that money to feed the students at King's whom she invited over for dinner. A simple act of hospitality that many wouldn't have known about and she didn't make a big deal about. It was one of many acts of love and grace that have taken place at King's over many years, and without people like Ethel we wouldn't be where we are today. 

Her story inspires and reminds me, that our seemingly small actions today, help build the church for tomorrow. As we bring our gifts, time, energy & finance to God and his church, together they add up to a wonderful story that God is telling through us. 

Paul puts it this way, "As each one does its part, the body grows in love." (Ephesians 4:16)

Thank you to all who are part of the story at Kings and are playing your part. What you do matters and is making a difference. Long may the story go on!

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