RM Pioneering Prayer Day

Post by guest blogger: Jo Birks from City Centre

If I asked you the question:

“ When was the last time you prayed?”

Your response would be one of many, depending on your perception of prayer . If you think it’s a meeting, you may have been once in the last month, if you believe it’s talking with God then you probably did it 10 minutes ago.

In his excellent book “Relational Mission, a Way of Life,” Mike Betts exhorts us to:

“birth a revolution of prayer.”

He reminds us that whatever our personality, style or ability to articulate, we can all pray!  I am sure God is not going to give us marks out of ten for the quality or quantity of our prayers – but He does want us to do it!

In light of this Relational Mission have planned a number of Pioneering prayer days, the first being on December 10th at the Charis Centre, Bishops Stortford, 12-4pm.  The focus of the first one will be South and East Europe, praying for Spain, Ukraine, Serbia and the Czech Republic.

This is a great opportunity for us to stand with our friends in Relational Mission who are pioneering into these nations. If you feel God is stirring you to pray, give, or go to one of these countries then come and join us. Or if you don’t feel either then come anyway as it'll be sure to encourage you and spur you on!

For more information about the day and how to register please click the button below. Alternatively you can find contact Jo Birks on Twitter.

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