What on earth do the King's kids get up to on Sundays?

This term across all three sites we are looking at ‘What is Prayer?’. This is such an exciting program to be going through.

We are following the Lords prayer, taking a section at a time to discover more about the gift of prayer and what it means to us. As a team we are really passionate for the kids to grow in their understanding and love of prayer, making it clear that its not just for adults, that we don’t have to use fancy words and we can do it whenever we want to.

Our heart is to see them meet with Jesus on a real, personal level, growing in understanding and love for him, developing a #deeperbiggerhigherstronger relationship with God.

During the morning we spend some time praising Jesus to lively worship songs, some classics you may know like ‘have we made our God too small’ or the new favourite ‘deep cries out’ which is unbelievably energetic!! 

We then have a some interactive teaching and a time to respond to what has been said followed by some frantic game to hype them all up before sending them back to their adults!

Every session is so much fun and really is such a real privilege to spend time with these kids and get to know them. We are really expectant and excited to see God move in these kids lives!

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