Make Disciples

Everyone knows that the main thing we’re meant to do as Christians is ‘make disciples’ (Matt 28:18-20) yet often it's the thing we feel weakest at.  

Ultimately each church will be evaluated by one thing. It’s disciples. It does not matter how good your building, worship, preaching, or evangelism are.  If your disciples are not growing, maturing, obeying God, and reproducing themselves, something is very wrong.   

Disciple making is not about becoming nicer people, it’s not something just for the ‘going for it’ christians, and it’s definitely not about ’naval gazing’ rather it’s about a revolution.  This is how we are going to see the world transformed.  Each one of us can do it.

Matt Hatch (Mosaic Church, Leeds) has spent the last 20 years trying to work out how to build a church full of disciple makers. He will be sharing some of his personal journey and some practical lessons in how we disciple men at the next STEADFAST men's event. Be there.

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