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Learning | Word, prayer and worship resources

The twelve disciples were a learning community, they were with Jesus, following him, learning from him, together. But they weren’t simply learning information about him, but growing closer to him, becoming more like him and doing the things he did. These resources well help your group do exactly that.


Integration | Resources and sign up

We want LIFE Groups to be a place where new people are connected into the body of Christ, GATHERING together with other followers of Jesus and become integrated into the life of the church.



Friendship | Resources

We want to take time to invest in friendships that reflect genuine Christ-like love. We want LIFE Groups to be a place where people find this kind of friendship, where healthy friendships can GROW and where we can express our love for each other in practical ways. 



Everyone a witness | Resources

We want everyone who is part of King’s to be living every day with an expectation that God can use them to be part of someone else coming to follow Jesus. LIFE Groups should be encouraging this in the lives of the people in them.



Stories | To encourage you

There are loads of really encouraging stories around King's and this will be a place to shout about them. There's a form below which you can use if you have a good news story to tell us about. It doesn't have to be long or ground-breaking so do get in touch!


Everything else | Making sure you have the right tools

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