An overview of integration


Jesus GATHERED the disciples to himself, to be with him and each other. The church is Jesus’ body. And like any physical body, connection and integration of the individual parts is essential to the effective working of the body.  We want Life Groups to be a place where new people are connected into the body of Christ, GATHERING together with other followers of Jesus and become integrated into the life of the church.

Integrate people into your LIFE Group



Is your group welcoming to those who don't know Jesus?


Integrate with the wider church family

Helping your group integrate into the wider church family will enable them to more fully play their part in the body of Christ but it will also help them feel more connected to what Jesus is doing through us at King's.

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FAQs specific to integration

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Q: What do I do if I'm struggling to get my group to attend regularly?

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Q: How can I encourage people in my LIFE group to do the Connect Course?

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