Integration | The what


Jesus GATHERED the disciples to himself, to be with him and each other. The church is Jesus’ body. And like any physical body, connection and integration of the individual parts is essential to the effective working of the body.  We want Life Groups to be a place where new people are connected into the body of Christ, GATHERING together with other followers of Jesus and become integrated into the life of the church.

Integration | The how

Integrate with the wider church family

Helping your group integrate into the wider church family will enable them to more fully play their part in the body of Christ but it will also help them feel more connected to what Jesus is doing through us at King's.

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Integration | The FAQ's

Q: What do I do if I'm struggling to get my group to attend regularly?

A: The best thing to do is to chat to them face to face. Find out where they're at and how they're doing. They may have good reasons which help you understand why they're not attending regularly. Once you've listened ask them what it is about the group that makes it difficult for them to connect. Chat to them about how the group could change to help them.

Q: How can I encourage people in my LIFE group to do the Connect Course?

A: Exploring and becoming a member is a vital part of fully integrating into the church family at King's. Connect is a very low commitment opportunity for people to find out more about King's. They are not signing up to membership by doing the course. The dates are advertised well in advance so communicate these to your group as early as possible so that people can get the date in their diaries. Find the next date HERE. you could also offer to go along with them if they feel a bit nervous about going on their own.