Friendship | The what


Jesus called his disciples his friends and said our love for one another would be one of the defining features of the church.  One of our key values is that we GATHER together in friendship and family.  This means we need to take time to invest in friendships that reflect genuine Christ-like love. We want Life Groups to be a place where people find this kind of friendship, where healthy friendships can GROW and where we can express our love for each other in practical ways. 

Friendship | The how

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Friendships | The FAQ's

Q: How can I help my group grow closer in friendships

A: A brilliant way to do this is to keep your gatherings varied and mix things up a bit. Do things together that your group likes doing. Maybe go for a walk together, to the cinema or out for a drink. Schedule things into your plan and give people the dates. As your group matures and gets used to it you may find that these things just happen naturally but planning them in to get things kickstarted is a great place to start.

Q: What are the best ways to help my group to love one another

A: Firstly, model it! Be proactive in loving your group, making sure they feel loved and cared for. Secondly, draw others in. If someone in your group is unwell then ask others in the group to go and visit them. Could one of your group benefit from some encouragement? Then ask someone in your group to coordinate putting together a hamper or a series of encouragements from the members in your group.

Q: How can I reach out to the fringe?

A: Find out where your friends are at, what they like doing and how they spend their time. Shape your group so that it includes those things. Encourage your group to get involved in the things that their friends are doing too and take people from group along with you. Creating these connections will help friendships develop organically.