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Learning | Overview


A follower of Jesus is a disciple and to be a disciple is to be a life-long-learner.  Jesus is our teacher and he said “take my yoke upon you and learn from me.”  The twelve disciples were a learning community, they were with Jesus, following him, learning from him, together. But they weren’t simply learning information about him, but growing closer to him, becoming more like him and doing the things he did. We want LIFE Groups to be one of the places where we learn to be more like Jesus, putting into practice the words of Jesus and GROW in maturity as Jesus’ disciples.

Scroll down for help on engaging with Sunday teaching, worship, other resources and even a Q&A.

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Everything you need to follow up including audio, wordsheets and books.

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Creative ideas you can use straight away.

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Learning | FAQs

If you have any other questions then please use the form below.

Q: Do I have to do the LIFE Group wordsheets? 

A: For every teaching series there are two great options for following up. The first is to make use of the wordsheets. These are tailored by the speaker. The second is to use one of the recommended book(s) for each series.

Q: How can I engage my LIFE group in worship when I have no-one who is musical?

A: This can understandably be a bit of a challenge. If this is the case then they key is to get creative. Use CD's. Ask people to meditate while listening to a song. Encourage people to engage in something creative while listening. Take a look further up on this page for more ideas and wisdom.

Q: I don't feel like my group is learning and growing to be more like Jesus, what should I do about it?

A: A great first step would be to engage your overseers. They will help you think through creative ways to ensure that your group is flourishing in this way. They may even be able to attend your group for a season to help you adjust the culture and expectations of your group.

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