At City West we want to engage with the city and community which surrounds us.

In the book of Jeremiah a number of God’s people are sent into exile in Babylon. Jeremiah 29:7 encourages them to, ‘seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper’.

Likewise, we as followers of Jesus, want to seek the good of the community we have been sent to and immerse ourselves into it.

In order to help us achieve this we have put together a booklet of local places, pubs, cafés and sports clubs that you can visit and get involved in. By eating in local places and joining local sports teams we are able to get more immersed in this community around us, making friends here and being able to outwardly share the love of God with them.

How will you engage?