Author: Paul Hatton

Very encouraging

As LIFE Groups (LG) we’re entering a new and exciting season and you’re a vital part of it! To be honest, I’m really encouraged. I’ve heard so many stories recently of people genuinely and meaningfully doing life with people in their group; not just scratching the surface but building strong friendships that will stand the test of time. I’ve also been encouraged to hear how many groups are being intentional about drawing in the fringe. Well done! Let’s keep pressing on with making LIFE Groups the best they can be.

What next?

With new additions to the LG Core Team we wanted to take the opportunity to pray and think about the direction God wants to lead us in over the next few years. We were reminded of the prophetic encouragement God gave us early in 2017 to be positioning ourselves for His presence, while at the same time fostering the fringe. These are as relevant today as they were then.

The table

The other thing that God has been provoking us about recently is hospitality and primarily eating together. At heart, it’s really a desire to spend more time round a table; eating together, taking communion and sharing life with one another. I love food so it hasn’t taken long for me to get on board with this. There is something very special about sharing a meal together. It’s normal, it breaks down barriers and it provides a natural context for conversation to flow as well as to invite the fringe into.

For the group I’m in this looks like eating together most weeks. But don’t worry we’re not talking chicken Cordon Bleu! Just normal food. And share the load. Do a bring and share. Make it sustainable; something you can do regularly. Let’s keep encouraging and provoking each other to grow in this. Let’s be a people who gather regularly around tables right across the city and beyond.

So why not give it a go and see how God breathes even more life into your group.