7 Summer Ideas for your group


As your group approaches the summer months, you’ll want to have a plan.

You’ve worked hard to get to the point where you’re beginning to form some great relationships. They’ll continue to grow—as long as you stay connected! So, let’s talk about some Summer ideas for LifeGroups.

The summer months can be a challenging time for LifeGroups. Holidays, camps for the kids, and family reunions can make it hard to fit your LifeGroup into the calendar! In fact, is it even possible? The answer is, “Yes, if you plan ahead.”

So, how can you keep your group growing together over the summer? Here are some tips many groups have found helpful.

  • Pull out a calendar. Compare vacation plans! It will be fun, and you may find several good meeting dates right in front of you!
  • Change up your gatherings. Think about meeting once for study and once for fellowship. Think parks, barbecues, and pools.
  • Bring groups together. LifeGroups may be sparsely attended with lots of people traveling, so pull a few together for a picnic. This is also a great opportunity to invite neighbors and friends to your group!
  • Have the movie night at home. At the Movies is the perfect series for this. Invite all!
  • Serve with a local mission partner. Finding a way to play a part in serving in the community is a great way to stay connected!
  • Attend and serve together. Pick a time that works for most of your group to serve and attend together. Then, go eat together too.

This content has been adapted from Life Church. Original content can be found here.