Running time

45-60 minutes

You will need

Pebbles (large enough to write on); enough for one each and about 10 spare

Something to write on pebbles with such as Sharpie pens, colouring pencils or chalk


An opportunity for your LIFE Group to mark a moment on your journey together, thanking God for all he has done over the past year and looking to the future.

‘When you are walking on hills in the countryside often you come
across a mound of stones know as a cairn. The cairn is there to
signify something, often it is a landmark along a path. As a
community group, you are on a journey. This worship moment is
about marking a point on your path together by looking back over the previous months and identifying things to give thanks for. You will do this by making your own thanksgiving cairn.

When you meet, invite each member of your group to take a pebble. With the remaining pebbles create the foundations of your cairn. Ask each member to think back over the last year and think about something they’d like to give thanks to God for. Once they have identified something, ask them to write it on their pebble and when they are ready place it on the ground next to the cairn you have started.

When everyone has written on a pebble ask the group to pick up someone else’s pebble. Then one by one read what is written, “Thank you God for...” You may also like to respond each time by saying something together like “We thank you God, amen” Once a person has read the pebble they can place it on the cairn.

If the weather is good you may like to do this outside and if your host is willing you could even leave it set up in the garden. If not, maybe you could take photos of the cairn to remember the evening.

Other ideas...

Sing a simple song or refrain about how good God is such as Our God is an Awesome God or the chorus of How Great is our God.

You could use this time to start a scrapbook journal for the coming year, where, as a community, you can write thoughts, prose, poems or prayers, draw pictures, include photographs or anything else you can think of to look back on in the future.

The people of Israel were great at remembering what God has done for them. Psalm 136 is a brilliant example of this. Read the verses of psalm aloud and invite your group to join in with the refrain.

Alternatively, you could write your own version of Psalm 136 specifically for your group with each member contributing a line. 


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